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mint is minimal, renderer agnostic ui library for Haxe.

minimal interface”


Haxe is an expressive, beautiful modern programming language
that compiles its own code into other languages. learn more


mint is a game and tool focused library.
mint is intentionally minimal and to the point.

It is designed around the notion that not every game
looks the same. Not every game uses the same UI skin
across all UI elements. That games are particularly
nuanced when it comes to user interfaces and interaction.



This means the core library remains pure, and ideally use case specific
controls are shared via simple, isolated controls with similar intentions.

Release notes

Try the demo


rendered in luxe engine


haxelib git mint https://github.com/snowkit/mint.git

quick start


Please note

mint is currently considered alpha, which means there may be bugs, inconsistencies, incomplete implementations, and possible minor API changes. It is still considered fairly usable and is being used by multiple tools and games, but there are things to tighten up before it can be called beta or final.

Join us in developing and testing the library and tools, below.

luxe specifics
The mint.render.luxe code and test_luxe folders are temporarily stored
in the main repo for iteration and examples of a complete renderer, for the tests.

In the near future this will be moved to it’s own repo as it’s meant to be.


In the repo and in the wild


Current default controls include

Quick look

class Example {
    function create() {

        var rendering = new YourFrameworkMintRenderer();

        canvas = new mint.Canvas({
            rendering: rendering,
            x: 0, y:0, w: 960, h: 640,
            options: {
                framework_specific_option: new FrameworkType()

        new mint.Label({
            parent: canvas,
            name: 'label',
            x:10, y:10, w:100, h:32,
            text: 'hello mínt',
            text_size: 14,
            onclick: function(_,_) { trace('hello mint!'); }



Feedback, bugs, PR’s and suggestions definitely welcome!

(They will be weighted against the purpose and goals of the library)



mint is a snõwkit community library