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snow is a free, open source light, pure and clean toolkit for building frameworks, applications and games using Haxe, targeting native platforms and web browser. This means snow by default runs natively on Mac, Windows, Linux desktops, as well as iOS and Android devices. It also runs directly in the Web browser using webgl.



Haxe is an expressive, beautiful modern programming language
that compiles its own code into other languages. learn more

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Please note

snow is currently considered alpha, which means there may be bugs, inconsistencies, incomplete implementations, and possible minor API changes. It is still considered fairly stable and is being used by multiple frameworks and games, but there are things to tighten up before 1.0.0 release can be called final.

Join us in developing and testing the framework and tools, below.


snow embraces a minimal design.
  This means snow is to the point and does what it is designed for only.
  This includes exposing tools to you with as much consistency as possible across platforms.
  This allows you to focus on your code, and not platform details as much.

snow is built as a facilitator.
  This means that snow tries to avoid making assumptions, letting you decide your architecture.
  This allows you to build frameworks, games and applications without it getting in the way.
  This means snow is focused on portability, clarity, consistency and maintainability.

snow is as self contained as possible.
  There are no current external dependencies, except for a build pipeline called flow.

snow strives to be reliable.
  There are tests of various kinds, you can read about the testing approach in the guide.

snow has high standards.
  From code quality, clarity and portability to documentation to samples.


For a short intro to why snowkit was created, read this blog post here.

Editor support

Where possible, full code completion and building from the editor is supplied.

Sublime Text (mac/windows/linux)

Atom (mac/windows/linux)

FlashDevelop (windows only)

template is at snowkit-fd, and here is a Download link



Setup guide

Install from git

haxelib git snow https://github.com/underscorediscovery/snow.git


git clone https://github.com/underscorediscovery/snow.git

haxelib dev snow /path/to/snow/

Starter guides

one - start here
two - life of a snow app

Feature guides

windowing | audio | assets | input | render | IO | utils

API docs

API reference

Development guides

want to help? - start here!
being reliable - help write tests
the more you know - help write guides
what goes where? - structure guide
playing nice - code/design conventions

In depth guides

native code - build, modify, fix snow
todo build process - how an app is made
todo native code - porting to a new platform


    render | audio | assets | input | util


On top of the comprehensive, full fledged Haxe API,

windowing & rendering


assets and io



Further details

Build pipeline details
    project format | architectures

Platform implementation details
    web | mac | windows | linux | android | ios


The snag list below is a list of things that are known issues or inconsistencies across platforms to take note of.

For a full list of issues, open and resolved, refer to the github issue tracker



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